6 proven ways to buy the best laptop in 2020

Now a days a laptop or computer had become an indispensible part of our life one cannot think living without it , well the mobile helps us sometimes but not all tasks can be done with mobile

You require a computer or laptop it is not posible to write a long mail or type some articles on your mobile phone you can use you mobile

i would say a laptop can make or break your career

so you cant afford to make a mistake while buying one because once you buy it you use it for at least 3 to 5 years of your life

following are the things you should consider while making the purchase

Processor : processor or cpu ( Central processing unit ) is the most important part of the laptop , u cannot upgrade or change it later , For a laptop to work at a decent speed you have to choose a laptop with with I3 and above processor

Dont even think of buying anything below i3 as it will literally ruin ur life in the long run ,

For basic use like internet email and typing some documents at least i3 processor is required so that you can open multiple applications in one time

and all of them work properly without hanging

Ram : Ram helps in processing the data so choose a laptop with atleast 4 gb ram and make sure the laptop you buy has 2 ram slots for upgradation

Hard Drive :The speed of the operating system is dependent on how fast it can access the data from the hard drive ,

a standard laptop comes with normal hard drive

try to buy a laptop with ssd hard drive as it helps to increase the speeed of the laptop by at least 30%

Graphics : graphics is important only if you are using the laptop for designing purpose

if not you can buy a laptop with simple intel hd intergrated graphics do not buy laptops with NVDIA OR AMD graphics unless you really need it

laptops which have higher end graphics are more prone to failure so stay away from these type

keyboard: Keyboard is a part of the laptop which is very much prone to failure if possible try to buy a laptop with old stly keyboard which can be replaced without disassembly of the full laptop

if the laptop keypad needs to be fitted by opening the laptop then there is a chance of laptop failure

and sometimes you have to change the full keyboard panel

Preinstalled Os : Always buy a laptop with official copy of Windows installed on it , as it comes with all the drivers and supporting softwares installed on it and

the most important part is the recovery feature , if the operating system starts to malfunction , you can copy your data to other drive and recover the laptop with in no time , you will thank me for this later .

you can view here how a recovery feature works

Warranty Policy :Most laptops come with one year standard warranty and sometimes people are not aware of extended warranty

now a days the companies also provide accidental damage warranty for 3 years

even if your laptop falls and totally breaks in to 2 peices it is covered

I would advice you to take this type of warranty while buying the laptop

Whenever you are buying your next laptop keep all these things in mind while selecting the right laptop for you .

Wish you happy computing

For your quick reference i have listed some of the laptops you can choose from

HP 15s Thin and Light Laptop (10th Gen i3-1005G1/4GB/256GB SSD + 1TB HDD/Windows 10 Home/MS Office 2019), du2067tu

Lenovo V14 Intel Core i3 10th Gen 14-inch HD Thin and Light Laptop (4GB RAM/ 256GB SSD/ Windows 10 Home/ Grey/ 1.6 kg), 82C4016LIH

If you have some more queries you can leave a comment in the comment section .