How to earn money online- Life with Corona

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As we all know we are in the corona virus phase and as told by the government and other scientists this pandemic will take a long time to go away ,we have to live out life with corona , at the same time we need to take care of our health and immunity for which a daily source of income is required .

We need to at least  earn enough to cover our basic day to day requirements like food clothing shelter medicines and so on , but during this lockdown phase many companies have shut down many people have lost their jobs they are either getting very less percentage of their existing salary and some are on leave with out any salary ,

Yes some people have some savings to take care of them but soon that will also get over, then what we have to make sure that we have our basic food on the table for which i am suggesting some options which atleast will help some one to start earning some extra income

1: Content writer

A content writer is someone who creates content to be used on internet , one can write articles for blogs , sales copy for facebook or google ad, you can call it like writing an essay on a particular subject there are many platforms like fiverr upwork freelancer where you can search for content writing assignments and mind u you get paid well once you get some experience out of it .

2:Graphics designer

Graphics designing can be done sitting at the comfort of your home , you can design basic sofwares like coreldraw , photoshop , these softwares can be used to design logos’s , infographics , ebook cover , and much more , any you can try websites like fiverr freelancer to get some work for you.

3:Online Tutor

If you are used to giving tution or teaching some one in offline mode you can use your teaching qualities to teach someone online , there are plenty of free online tools available now a days like zoom , etc .

4:Advertisment Professional

If you were working at an offline adagency designing advertisement for newspapers and magazines , you can use the same knowledge to design online ads for facebook , google , bing or any other online advertising platforms

5:Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant jobs are like secretatrial jobs , and are paid for hourly work , work can include reading emails, reply mails , sending presentations quotations etc.

6: One to one Coaching

This type of work can be done by people who have experience and expertise in a certain category like someone can be good at maths , or seo, or digital marketing or even a diet specialists .

7:Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is to market someone elses product to your audience like friends family members whatsapp groups , social media , affiliate marketing is one of the easiest if you have the knowledge or acquire the knowledge to it , Affiliate marketing is a process of selling a goods or services E.g

Consider a yoga mat is available for sale on amazon , so Mr A is selling the Mat , Mr B is Buying it you just have to be a intermediary between MR A and Mr B to earn the Commission .

8:Social media Marketing

Social media Marketing is a vast topic it includes sites like facebook , instagram ,twitter , pinterest and any other platform where people are hanging out , the activities can include designing fb ads ,  promote products , posting information for others , maintaining profiles , etc

9: Cad Design

Cad software like autocad is used in many industries to design products , in civil engg, mechanical engg etc , one can take up work from fiverr upwork and other freelance websites and earn from it .

10: Computer software troubleshooting

Software trouble shooting can include coding , software testing , writing programs , configuration of mail servers , trouble shooting network issues and so on , now we have free tools like anydesk , team viewer ,crossloop which can be used to take remote control of a computer and do the trouble shooting work .

11:Digital Marketing

People who are in the digital marketing field already know , that all the activities related to digital marketing can be done from remote locations , still if some one wants to know more you are free to mail me on : am even providing a free digital marketing course , you can go through it for more details.

12:Video Blogging

The easiest and the best way to vlog is to upload videos on youtube , there are lots and lots of people who are doing vlogging full time to support their income , some of the basic things required to vlog are a Android phone with a Hd Camera , A tripod to hold it , and a extra Mic for clear audio and you are good to go , You can view my youtube channel Here .


Blogging is a way to share your ideas and information to the public using internet , to succedd as a blogger you need to have clear idea of the topic and be very passionate towards it .


Marketing is a broad topic but someone who is into offline marketing like is dependent on walk-ins to sell the product , can demonstrate the product on the website online , can even solve the queries of the client using video calls , can receive payment via google pay or instamojo or razor pay and ca deliver the product via a courier service .

Now a days the courier services even come to door-step to collect your parcel , and they even pack it for you if required .


Animation is to create a sales video , or a presentation to explain something , even the cartoon what the kids watch is animation , Flipkart used to use animated characters in their advertisement to save cost of paying film stars .

If some one wants to learn animation one can learn the entire course online like on youtube videos or udemy .

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