How to Protect your Laptop

protect your laptop
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Your precious laptop can be prone to various mishaps Following are the different situations where your laptop can get damaged and start to malfunction and also mentioned ways to protect your laptop

1: Damage while Travel , A laptop can fall from your hand or a laptop bag can fall off this can be taken care by using a proper shock proof laptop bag if you are travelling in a rainy season make sure to use a water proof bag specially for people travelling on a two-wheeler .

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2: Damage from Electricity , this type of damage is more common in india as our electricity cuts off very often and our voltages fluctuate a lot this is specially during rainy season , for this kind of problem you can connect a voltage stabilizer to the mains and then connect the laptop charger to the stabilizer output or a better safer option will be to disconnect the laptop from mains during lightning and thundering and use on battery mode

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3:Damage from Heat , A laptop emits lot of hot air from its fan vents , this heated air comes from the processor heatsink which is routed out through exit vents , when ever you keep the laptop on the table make sure not to block the laptop exit vents or else it will interfere with the cooling mechanism of the laptop and your laptop can go off due to heat to prevent further damage. Also remember not to place the laptop on a bedsheet or pillow while using it from comfort of your bed which can again block its exit vents .

4:Damage using duplicate spares , we have a tendency to buy a cheap replacement spare like a compatible adaptor or a battery whenever the original stops working , but if you want your laptop to be working for long always count on original spare parts , but in many cases if the laptop is old and a original spare is not available then dont buy something if you are getting it cheap , rather than buy something of a reputed oem brand and always check for proper voltage ratings and amperes .

5:Mishandling , we often not all tend to consume food items when using our laptop , so as a result ants and other creatures can enter the laptop and they eat the soft rubber material inside the laptop ,also if can cause to short your laptop circuit .

6:Use of pirated sofware , can do a lot of harm to your files and folders stored in the laptop , we often ignore the virus warnings and operating system warnings as we use cracked version of it and are not entitled for updates as updates are only for original version of the software , not using an official paid version can do a lot of harm to your hard work done and saved on your pc or laptop , imagine not finding your power point presentation on the day of your client meeting or some other email drafts or son on , it can be any other important document , this problem can be sorted out using the original version of operating system like Microsoft windows , Microsoft Office and a good solid Antivirus and internet security software .

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7: Battery care , it is important to care of your laptop battery to get a good life out of it , i some cases people always keep the charger connected to the laptop , result of which the battery of the laptop never gets activated and goes in dormant mode or stops giving any backup , it is advisable to use the laptop on battery mode by disconnecting the charger to drain the entire battery to keep it in proper reusable condition .