Some Secret and Hidden Features of Android In – [2020]

android hidden features
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Hidden Features of Android – the android device is the most used in the world because its interface is easy and can easily do many things. The greatest feature of android is that you can customize it as per your choice. This quality is not seen in any other operating system.

In today’s era, most users are using android phones. The reason for this is that it is very easy to use and gives very good features to its users. There are some features in android, about which people will know very little. Do you also find that there are many special hidden features in android as well?

If you also do not know about such hidden features of android, then let us know about such hidden features of Android.

Some hidden and secret features of Android

Find Silent Phone-

Many times, it happens that we forget to put our phone somewhere in silent mode, and later find it is difficult to find the phone. In such a situation, you can resort to the function of Android Device Manager and through it, you can also ring your silent phone

. For this, you go to Google Chrome web browser and search by typing ‘find my phone’ through the android device manager and visit the website. Here you have to sign in with the account that you have used in your phone. After signing in, you can get your phone ring from here by choosing the option of ring my phone from some of the options.

Check Phone Hardware

If you want to find out whether the hardware of your android smartphone works correctly, then for this you can install the Phone Tester app from Play Store. This app provides you complete information about the hardware of your smartphone. This app provides you complete information about the sensor activities, battery temperature, and camera of the smartphone in real-time.

Recover Delete Notification

It often happens that useful notifications are cut many times to remove the useless notifications from the Notification Panel. If this happens to you too, then a special trick can prove useful for you.

Follow these steps for that trick –

 Go to the home screen of your phone and long press on the space and click on Widgets.

 Now swipe the right side, search the settings shortcut widget and bring it to the home screen.

 Settings shortcut will open a menu. You can choose the notifications log from it.

 Tapping on this will bring the notification log shortcut to your home screen. Now you can check it by tapping on notifications history.

How Many Apps in Phone

Android works on your Gmail account. You can check all the apps you have downloaded so far.

If you want to know which and how many apps you have downloaded so far from google ID, then tap on the 3 lines made in the google search bar in the play store. Here ‘My Apps’ section will appear in the ‘Apps and Games’. Tap on this to see the list of applications.

Can Listen Notifications

Many times, you are in such places where it is not possible to hear messages and notifications, such as driving or other noisy places.

Reading the message while driving is not the right habbit, but many times there are situations that mail or message cannot be missed. In this case, you can download third-party apps. With the help of apps like Shouter, Read It to Me, Speak Me, etc., you can listen to notifications.

Can decide who can call

If your android smartphone works on Android 5.0 Lollipop or above, then you can decide which contacts will call or text messages.

For this go-to sound and notification under the settings menu and scroll down to the interceptions. Here ‘ calls/text from’ would be written. Here you select the contacts whose call you want to receive.

Bring Apps to Notification Panel

If you have used the entire home screen, there are still usable apps left, then there is an option to place in the notification panel. For this you can install Bar Launcher, Notification Togal, Power Togal, and 1 Tap Kwik, etc. These apps can customize the notification panel with apps and settings shortcuts.

Make Notifications Private

Nobody wants any other person to see WhatsApp notifications on their Facebook. If you also want to make your notifications private then for this you will have to go to Sound and Notification in the Settings menu. Then scroll down on the notification and tap on ‘When Device is Unlocked’. Here you can display or hide sensitive contents in notifications.