Top 10 Coolest Tech Gadgets that You Can Buy from Amazon

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Top 10 Coolest tech gadgets that you can buy from Amazon: Today I will tell you about. Top 10 Coolest tech gadgets. Which you can buy from Amazon.

NFC Technology

It is very useful for people whose phone has NFC. You can do many things with this tag. By installing the macro droid app from the play store, you can create many triggers such as when you go to your office, you can turn your phone on silent by clicking this tag, or when you come home, click on your phone with this tag to Wi-Fi on Can do Similarly, you can do many things with this tag

Waterproof Pouch

water proof pouch

You must have understood by its name. What does this gadget do? This waterproof pouch makes your ordinary phone waterproof. If you are poolside or nowadays like monsoon season. In such a situation, this phone can save your phone from water loss. Now it is not like this is just a pouch in which you can put the phone. You can also use your phone after putting it in this pouch-like you use any waterproof phone. You can buy it from 250 to 500 rupees according to the size of your phone. So now you do not need to buy expensive phones from Sony and Samsung. Make your phone waterproof for just Rs 250.

Selfie Light

selfie light

This gadget is for those selfie lovers who take selfies either day or night. By the way, in today’s Android phones, flash is also available with the front camera, but this feature is not available on every phone. If you have an old phone, you will not buy a new phone just for flash. So, for this, you just have to spend 350 rupees and after that, you can also take selfies in the dark. The special thing is that you can reduce its light even more.

Audio Splitter

If you are ever listening to music in your phone and your friend also wants to listen to it and you have two headphones, then you cannot listen to music at the same time, but with the help of this gadget, what two are four People can also listen to music. So, this gadget is also very useful, especially for couples.

Micro USB Fan

micro usb fan

Are you traveling outside in the summer or the lights go off at home? So, in this way, this USB fan is very useful. You can run this USB fan from your smartphone or power bank. This is very cheap and useful.

Portronics Pen Stick

pen stik

Selfie stick is the simplest gadget that you all know. Selfie sticks have become so cheap that now you can buy them for 100 rupees but the Portronics pen stick is very portable. You can also keep it in your pocket. So, you will not have any problem or trouble in handling it. You can also use it by making a mobile stand.

Dual Car Charger

You will also know about the car charger. This is not a new thing but the common car charger only charges the phone slowly and due to having a single port, you can charge the same phone at the same time. But in dual car charger, you will get two ports. One of 1 Empire and the other of 2 Empire. In this, you can put two phones and fast charge one phone.

VR Handset

If you want to watch 360 videos or 3d videos at home, then you must buy VR. Because with this VR headset you can watch 360 videos. You can watch 3d videos and also play 360 games, so this VR can give you the fun of theater at home.

5 in 1 Micro USB Card Reader

This 5 in 1 micro USB card reader is a very useful gadget. You can install 5 types of memory cards in it. PenDrive, memory card, camera memory card, etc. Keep in mind that this micro USB card reader will only work. When your phone supports OTG.


If you have an electric bicycle or a normal bicycle, you can protect your bicycle from a chore by this grip lock. By the way, locks are available in the market. But even thieves can open them easily but with this lock, you can lock your bicycle brake. If you do not have a bicycle, then you can also apply this grip lock to your scooter or bike.