What is Computer virus and type of viruses ?

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What is Computer Virus & Type of Viruses? Friends, we all know about computers. Because the importance of computers in our lives has increased so much that we can call this era also computer age. Because in today’s age it is necessary to have computer knowledge for a good job.

We all know how to use a computer, but do you know about Computer Virus, what is a computer virus and what can be its side effects?

Because computers, Mobile, Electronic Gadgets are very harmful for all these. Because once the Virus enters your computer, it can cause much damage to your computer system.

With the arrival of a Computer Virus on your computer, your computer system starts working very slow. Also, Computer Virus destroys your computer system and data.

We hope many computer users will know that what is Computer Virus? But some computer users may not know what is Computer Virus?

So, this article can prove very beneficial for them. For this, you have to read this article completely.

computer virus

Because today we are going to share all the information related to Computer Virus in this article in detail. Like – What is Computer Virus? What can Computer viruses do? What are the types of Computer Virus? What is the sign of Virus Infection in the Computer System? What are the ways to avoid Computer Virus?

Let’s first know what is a computer virus?

What is Computer Virus?

Friends computer virus is also a kind of software program, which along with slowing down the performance of your computer, to prevent your computer system software from working and to destroy or damage the computer’s data. has been made.

The full form of Virus is Vital Information Resources Under Siege.

Friends, we all know that a computer has a lot of software programs and the computer accomplishes the tasks given to us by the same software program. A computer cannot do anything without a software program.

This Computer Virus can come to your computer system from many sides without your permission. And the most important thing is that the user does not even know about it. This virus spreads slowly to your computer. Your computer system also hangs when affected by viruses.

For your information, let me also say that the Virus is not natural. It is made by hackers. Virus is also created in the same way as a software program is created to make the computer work better, but in the same way Virus is also created but not intended to help but to damage the computer.

What are the types of Computer Virus?

Friends, I hope you now understand that what is a computer virus. But for better performance and protection of the computer, you also need to know that what are the types of computer viruses and how do they get into your computer? And how much and how can these viruses affect your computer? So, let’s know in detail how many types of computer viruses are there?

There are many types of computer viruses, some of them are prominent which are as follows: –

  1. • Boot Sector Virus
  2. • File Infector Virus
  3. • Micro Virus
  4. • Browser Hijacker Virus
  5. • Resident Virus
  6. • Partition Table Virus
  7. • Direct Action Virus

Boot Sector Virus

A boot sector virus is a computer virus that specifically infects Floppy Disk’s Hard Disk or Boot Sector’s Master Boot Record (MBR). These Viruses in the system are mainly covered by Removable Media. When your computer gets in fact with this virus, when you turn your computer ON, then this virus interrupts the Operation System to load. When this virus infects your computer, it is very difficult to remove it from your computer. Mostly, the system has to be formatted to remove this virus from the system.

File Infector Virus

File Infector Virus has the largest number of systems to be infected. Because a large part of the virus belongs to this category. When there is a Particular Program Load, this virus gets loaded automatically. This virus can come in the user’s computer along with the email. Some File Infector Virus come with Attach with Programs File. Eg-.COM, EXE. File. This virus can also be very harmful to your computer system. Because this virus can easily infect the Store File or data on your computer. In addition to starting your computer system program, this virus can also damage the application present on your computer. This virus can infect executable files (e.g. Sys, ovl, prg, and mnu).

Micro Virus

Micro virus specifically targets to infect software and applications that contain microjs. Micro Virus particularly damages the files like Micro Soft Office i.e. Word, Document, PowerPoint, Spreadsheet. This makes her performance slow. If this micro virus infects this software, whenever you open this software in your system, then this micro virus automatically starts its operations. Due to which other software or application also starts affecting. Friends, as we all know that computer virus is spread by software or application. So, this virus can also infect any operating system like- (Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, etc.).

Browser Hijacker

Friends, as we all know, how much internet is being used today. In today’s era, we prefer to watch more online movies and play online games and open many types of websites. Due to which the risk of getting a virus in our device increases. Friends, some people also advertise on the internet to increase their income. Whenever you enter a URL in the address bar of the browser, the browser hijackers do not take you to that website and direct you to another Infected website. This is usually done only to increase their income. In this way, when your browser gets infected by this virus, then there are many types of Unwanted Advertisement showing on your browser. Looks like.

Direct Action Virus

The direct-action virus is also called Non-Resident Virus. This virus usually infects files with extensions (e.g. .COM, EXE) more. Once this virus enters your computer system, it remains hidden in the memory of your computer. The special thing in this virus is that this virus does not come into action until they are clicked and opened. The virus is attached to a Specific Type file. Whom it affects. This virus is also harmful to your system. Because this virus can also damage your file. However, the matter of relief is that this virus is not very dangerous, it can also be removed with the help of the Antivirus Program. And it does not affect Users Experience and System Performance.

Resident Virus

The resident virus is a virus that stores itself in the computer’s RAM and infects them. The resident virus is also installed on your computer like a direct-action virus. Sometimes these viruses also associate with Antivirus. Resident viruses are also of many types and they function in different ways. Some viruses work faster in this and some work a little slower.

Many problems also arise in computer systems infected with the resident virus. Like- Infecting with this virus, your computer system starts having problems in operating, shot down, and copy-paste any data. Identifying this virus is also a difficult task.

Computer virus

What are the examples of computer viruses? So, let’s tell you the name of some computer viruses, which is very dangerous.

  • • SQL Slammer.
  • • Nimda
  • • Blaster
  • • Code Red
  • • The Morris worm
  • • Creeper
  • • Morris Worm.
  • • Mydoom.
  • • Stuxnet.
  • • CryptoLocker.
  • • Sasser & Netsky.
  • • Anna Kournikova.

All the names of viruses I have mentioned here are all top names, apart from this, there are many computer viruses and new ones are being created every day.

What can Computer viruses do?

A computer virus can delete or corrupt the data, file, folder, document present in your computer system.

A computer virus reduces the ability of your computer system to function. Viruses can also delete data stored in hard disks of your computer data. Attachment via email can also affect one computer from another computer.

What are the signs of Virus Infection in the Computer System (What are the Symptoms of a Computer Virus?)

Friends, we do not expect to believe that now what is a computer virus and what are the types of computer viruses? You must have understood this. But just knowing this is not enough for you.

Because computer users need to know the symptoms of computer viruses to perform better and protect the computer. Because with that symptom you will immediately understand that your computer is infected with a virus.

So, let us tell you about some such symptoms: –

  • • Performance Slow of your computer system.
  • • A file or folder is deleted or corrupted.
  • • Internet Speed Slow Grow.
  • • Display of Unexpected Advertisements on the display of your computer system.
  • • New Folder or Program is automatically installed in Computer.
  • • Unnecessary Email Arrival.
  • • Error message or Warning Alert on your screen while using the browser.
  • • Automatically run some file, program by itself.
  • • If your device starts hanging, it means that your computer system can get infected by the virus.

So, friends, if anything like this is happening in your computer system, then understand that your computer system has been infected with the virus. And it is also very important to protect your computer system from it because this virus can delete or even destroy the data of your computer system.

Causes of Computer Virus

There are many sources of the virus coming into the computer, so let us tell you which are the sources from which the virus comes into any computer or laptop.

  • Connecting one device to another can also cause a virus.
  • Lack of Antivirus Virus in your computer system.
  • Downloading programs: Programs that contain downloadable files are the most common source of malware such as freeware, worms, and other executable files.
  • Pirated or cracked software.
  • Bluetooth • Internet
  • Email attachments
  • Online aids
  • Downloading software from malicious sites
  • Attachment to unknown or spoof emails or opening links

What are the ways to avoid Computer Virus? (Prevention of Computer Virus)

Friends, the use of computers has increased so much that you will know. Because the computer is everywhere. Because the computer can do maximum work in a very short time.

But sometimes the computer also gets infected by a virus. Which reduces the computer’s ability to work It starts working very slowly. Which causes a lot of trouble Viruses can also cause you to hang your computer.

For those who use computers, it is very important to know how to protect the computer system from viruses. So today we will help you to avoid viruses Explains some measures of. Which is very important for you. You can keep your computer safe from viruses by following the method I have mentioned.

• Install the very best Antivirus in your computer system and keep updating it from time to time. If you use more internet then you can also use Premium Antivirus. • There is a risk of viruses from using more internet. Therefore, avoid using more internet, especially by using websites that are not safe. • Joe Basile is not Popular and Registered. Do not visit that website. • Stay away from porn website. Because if you do not want to get a virus on your computer, then you should never open the porn website on your computer. Because 90% of porn websites have a virus. • Pen drive, scan the disk before using it • Antivirus periodically scanned your computer system. • Do not open any email if you do not know about its Sender. • Do not download anything from Unauthorised Websites. Like – any Muve, MP3 Software or Application, etc. • Get the downloaded thing scanned properly because the risk of getting a virus in them is very high.

How to deal with a computer virus?

You read above and know what we should do to avoid getting a virus on the computer. How can you protect your computer or laptop from viruses?

But I would question that if the virus has come in the computer then how can we deal with it and how can it be removed from the computer. So, we are going to tell you some ways by which you will get answers to these questions.

To remove the virus from the laptop, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Use a trusted antivirus program. If you already have antivirus software installed on your computer and it is still infected with a virus, then the software you were using is not a good antivirus. You have to use a good antivirus.

Step 2: Run antivirus in your computer and scan the system When antivirus is installed on your computer, you have to open it and then start the scan process. Click on the scan button to start the scan.

Step 3: Remove Malware After the scan, you get to see the result where it is told how many viruses are in the computer, if there is a virus, then the option of removal is seen. By clicking the remove button, you will remove the detected virus from your computer system.

Step 4: Prevent future infections To prevent viruses from coming into the computer, you should auto-scan the scan so that your computer is scanned once or twice a week, this way you can keep your computer safe. Apart from this, after connecting the external device to the computer, scan it first and then only open it. Hopefully, you will know everything about the computer virus. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this article, please comment. If you have liked this information given about the computer virus, then share this article with your friends and help them to know it too.